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Property Strategist, Giisland Homes, Square Development Group & Identity Presents....



An Evening Of Networking & Showcasing Exclusive Property Deals

Off market deals | Crowd funding | auction brrr/flips | R2R Serviced accommodation | DEVELOPMENT

Guest Speakers

David Johnstone

LEO Crowdfunding





Samuel Fongho

Midas Property Group

Weds, 2nd Aug

6:30pm - 10pm

M'Nuchah 392 Camden Road London N7 0SJ

Ticket Prices

A standard ticket will grant you access to the event, food and refreshments.


A VIP ticket offers exclusive privileges such as a private consultation call with Property Strategists and/or Giisland Homes


This ticket enables the opportunity to pitch a deal to Investors and exclusive access to live deals throughout the month of August.


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The event is Presented to you by: Property Strategist, Giisland homes, Square Development Group & Identity

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